Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

New Single + 3 Videos
"DU HURE" (transl. You Whore)
P.S. Thanks for the promo #MeeToo

On International Women's Day the politically incorrect gender homage "Du Hure" (transl. You Whore) has been released on YouTube, reaching 20.000 views in two months without advertising. Proper timing and the controversial topic, including postings on far left feminist portals and #MeeToo sites, were much more important than the music itself - that's how little games in the media work.
The track is now available on SoundCloud too and promotes the forthcoming Ep "A Fast One", which will be dropped in 1-2 months.

Download: https://www.moccioso.com/d.php?id=v.hure.zip

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